Terms & Conditions

Dear valued customer, Please take the time to read the terms and conditions for using our services: (ALL MOVES REQUIRE A DOWN PAYMENT. ALL DOWN PAYMENTS ARE HONORED IF THE MOVING SERVICE DATE CHANGES. DOWN PAYMENTS ARE NOT REFUNDED IF THE CLIENT CANCELS)

These are your rights according to the FMSCA:https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/protect-your-move/consumer-rights

  1. Our standard procedure involves wrapping your belongings, if the movers are asked not to wrap an item, the insurance policy will be waived entirely.
  2. On top of the time you will be charged to load and unload the truck there are other charges;  1. Fuel + mileage (A rate set during booking your move, unless additional trips were made), and 3. A minimum two hour charge (which includes travel time). Every move is subject to these charges unless an exception was made by the management and specifically noted for your move.
  3. We have a ZERO tolerance policy for bed bug/fleas or other parasitic insects’. If discovered prior to starting, or during your move, the move will be halted immediately, and the truck will be emptied on the spot. You will be charged the minimum two hours, plus any additional costs that the company may incur to get rid of any infestation that may occur. The customer can be charged up to $1000 on the spot.
  4. If any of your belongings or home is damaged, you must report it to the movers before the end of the move. The movers will create a report of the incident by taking down details and pictures then report it to the office. All clients have been made aware of their rights by the terms and conditions, if any damage is incurred, the client along with the movers will try to work the damage out on site, if we cannot reach an agreement then arbitration and insurance will be the next process. If you report any damage after the movers leave, it will not be covered.
  5. The total invoice will be presented to you by the end of your move, payment will be due in full and immediately.  Depending on your move, you may be asked to pay in full before off loading. Any compensation that you would seek for any damages, will not be deducted from the total of your move. Damages will be handled by the office in a timely manner.
  6. The customer is responsible for instructing the movers on what all items are going to the new address. It’s the customers’ responsibility to check their home to ensure that all the items been loaded onto the truck before giving the movers the ‘ok’ to head over to the drop off address
  7. If the movers advise that they might not be able to transport an item safely, it will be the customer’s responsibility to either instruct the movers to leave the item behind or ask them to load it onto the truck regardless of the risks. If the customer chooses the latter option, SMS can’t be held responsible for any damages the item may encounter during transportation. When a truck is loaded properly and approved by a client and that client takes control of that truck,Pod,storage unit etc,any damages after that,is solely upon the client and not SMS.
  8. SMS assumes no liability for the following items: customer packed boxes (unless box is physically damaged), pressboard furniture,particle and flake board, pre assembled Ikea furniture, and Ikea furniture in general,  pole lamps, light bulbs, all televisions, musical Instruments and other electronics (internal mechanisms failure). No moving service shall be rendered: For hazardous materials. For firearms or any combustible material. For any items that are prohibited by law or regulations of any federal, state, provincial, or local government in the U.S. SMS reserves the right to refuse any package which by reason of the dangerous or other character of its contents is liable, in the judgment of SMS, to be hazardous or otherwise endanger employees or damage equipment. SMS reserves the right to open and inspect any package tendered to it for moving.
  9. If any electronics are being transported, they have to be packed using their respective manufactured supplied boxes. As electronics are delicate, some more than others, SMS cannot guarantee they will arrive safely and can’t be held liable for any damages. However, if the movers are instructed to transport them, they will perform their due diligence to protect the item in question to the best of their ability. If the client asks the movers to handle any items, or do a task that is not in agreeance with the professional Judgment of the movers, then a waiver must be signed that will not hold the movers and the company liable for any damages or liability incurred.
  10. At the end of the move, if the payment is not ready to be collected by the movers, (ex: if the customer has to go to the bank) the end time of the move will be extended until the payment has been collected. SMS is no way liable for the property prior to pickup at the designated location or after delivery to the designated location.
  11. Due to insurance limitation; SMS cannot transport the following items in any truck: plants, anything flammable and our maximum liability is based on the damaged article. Customers are not allowed to ride with the movers, if they do, it will be at their own risk, any sort of injury they sustain, SMS can’t be held liable for it.
  12. SMS will only disassemble children beds and cribs, we do not reassemble children beds or cribs. SMS does not hook up nor disconnect washer and dryer units.

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